Dance Classes for Preschoolers

Ages 3-4 

Step into the world of dance.

There’s so much in class to benefit their rapidly growing bodies and minds:

  • Develop social skills like taking turns and team-work
  • Develop musical skills like rhythm and tempo
  • Develop finer control of their body
  • Allow for creative expression
  • Foster a love for dancing that will last a lifetime
  • And, of course, have lots of fun learning to dance!

* Students must be potty-trained


Welcome To Your Studio

  • Free WiFi in the lobby
  • Conveniently located on Whitemarsh Island
  • 1007 Bryan Woods Loop 31410

Class Options

for the Fall 2024 thru Spring 2025 Dance-Year

for 3 Year Olds (as of 9/1/24)

a one-hour Tap/Ballet combination class that meets once a week.

  • Monday 5:00-6:00pm
  • Tuesday 3:45-4:45pm

for 4 Year Olds (as of 9/1/24)

a weekly hour-and-fifteen minute class for Tap, Ballet, and Tumbling

  • Monday 3:45-5:00pm
  • Tuesday 4:45-6:00pm
  • Thursday 5:45-7:00pm

What is Ballet?

The epitome of grace and beauty. One of the oldest and richest dance forms around.

What is Tap?

An enduring American tradition. Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Learn to feel the beat.

What is Tumbling?

In addition to Tap and Ballet, four year olds will spend an extra 15 minutes each week on coordination, strength, and fun! We’ll cover rolls, bridges, hand-stands, and more.

Dress the part

  • Black or pastel leotard.
  • Pink tights or white socks.
  • Pink ballet shoes with elastic on top.
  • Black tap shoes

On With the Show!

The word RECITAL doesn’t really do it justice– it’s really more of a Dance Extravaganza!

This exciting experience gives students an opportunity to display their accomplishments and a purpose to perfect their work.

Things you’ll love as a parent:

  • Instead of one great big 4+ hour recital, we actually have several smaller fun-size recitals to keep each one short and sweet
  • Recital Costumes are provided at no additional cost

A Teacher’s Worth a Thousand Words

What are you looking for in a dance teacher? How about skill, experience, and heart.

Ms. Carla

One of our very own alumni, she is a certified Dance Master in Tap and Ballet. A proud mother of two, she has over 20 years experience teaching dance to young children.

Ms. Laura

Laura received her theatre degree from the Catholic University of America and has been sharing her love of the stage with her students ever since.

The Dance Year

The Dance Year (like the school year) runs from August to May. It goes a little something like this:


The Dance Year begins!

Most classes are full, though there are a few spots available.

Registrartion will continue through December


Students begin work on the Recital.

As we pass the half-way point of our dance year, we stop taking registration for our current season and start taking registration for our Summer Camps.


The Recital is drawing near!

Registration for Summer Camps continues.



Registration for the coming dance-year begins. Some camps are still available. 


Register early to save your spot


Tuition is based on the number of hours per week you take dance. Rates are calculated down to the quarter hour.

  • Tap/Ballet – 9 installments of $81.78 25% 25%
  • Tap/Ballet/Tumble – 9 installments of $101.11 75% 75%


Payments are scheduled to run automatically using a card on file. Payments may be made in-person by cash or check, if done before the automatic payment is scheduled. You may also pre-pay in any increments you like, i.e. 3 months at a time, or the year in full.

Read our full Policies Page for more details.

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