Holiday Party Fun

Dec. 12th-17th No Regular Classes

What's a Holiday Party?

You get to wear fun holiday dance attire (maybe something red and green that you can dance in… or even something with jingle bells!) We’ll have games and prizes, learn new holiday dances, and leave with a treat!

Party Schedule

Preschool Party #1

Monday 3:00-4:00pm

For the following Preschool classes:

  • Tues. 10am
  • Mon 3:30
  • Tues. 3:15
  • Thurs. 1:30
  • Thurs. 2:30

Preschool Party #2

Monday 5:30-6:30pm

For the following Preschool classes:

  • Mon. 5:30
  • Wed 4:15
  • Wed. 5:30
  • Thurs 4:15
  • Thurs. 5:30

Kindergarten Party

Monday 4:15-5:15pm

1st Grade Party

Wednesday 4:30-5:30

2nd-3rd Grade Party

Wednesday 5:45-6:45

4th-5th Grade Party

Wednesday 7:00-8:00

6th-12th Grade Party

Monday 7:00-8:00

Competitive Ensemble Dancers

See Team App for separate instructions