EPS – Entertainment Photography Specialists

is coming to Gretchen Greene School of Dance!

March 20-26, 2023 

We are so excited to visit your Studio again to create amazing images with you & your performer!

How does it work?

Booking an appointment for INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS is an easy – 2- step process:

Step 1 – Use the link at the bottom of the page, to purchase your photo packages.

Step 2 – After you have purchased your photo packages, use the link in your photo package confirmation email to select & book your appointment times

Please remember, you will need 1 photo package for each costume/look you wish to take photos in (or a multiple image package which allows for the number of costumes you wish to take photos in).

Please DO NOT book your appointment times back-to-back to allow time or costume changes. Leave open spaces between your appointment times so you have time for your costume changes. 

Group Photos

Group Photos will be taken during regular class time (except Company Dancers who will receive separate instructions)

Please be sure to book any individual appointment times around your group photo times.

You can pre-purchase group photos, but it is not necessary as you can also purchase those after. 

So, how many photo packages will I need?

You will need one photo package for each costume that you wish to take photos in.

Example: If you wish to take photos in 2 costumes, you can purchase either:

2 Bronze Packages, 2 Silver Packages, or 2 Gold Packages.

If you have 6 costumes you wish to take photos in, you can purchase 6 Bronze Packages, 6 Silver Packages, or a Diamond Package!

What to Expect

Before – Be sure to arrive to your photo session at least 15 minutes before your appt time. Please arrive in your first costume/look with hair & make-up ready to go.

During – We will do 5-minute photo sessions, we will take between 20 – 40 images during your photo session to ensure you have a selection to choose from for image selection.

After – We will send you an emailed link to your image gallery the day after your photoshoot along with a Gift Certificate Code for the amount in which you have purchased. You do not need to stay with the package you originally selected when choosing your images. You can purchase anything you wish from our on-line store including Digital files, Blankets, Mugs, individual prints, wall art and over 400 other items/products and you can use your Gift Certificate toward your final selection of images.

Booking is easy!

Simply click on the link button below to book your photo package and select your appointment times for your performer(s).

Please DO NOT book your appointment times back-to-back to allow time or costume changes.

Leave open spaces between your appointment times so you have time for your costume changes.

Once you have booked your photo package(s), be sure to check your email. The link to go to the Appointment Scheduler to book your appointment times will be in your Photo Package purchase confirmation email.

EPS Contact Info

Phone: 844-263-5678

Email: Orders@EPS-Photo.com


EPS Photography will be following any Federal/Local & CDC recommended guidelines during the photo shoot. We kindly ask that you do the same. Performers do not need to wear masks while taking photos, but if guidelines are in place, anyone accompanying them may need to.

Beginning in the new year, all image galleries will be able to be accessed for nine-months following your photo shoot date. After that point, online access via your emailed gallery link will change. This will affect all image galleries from 2022 and earlier, as well as all image galleries moving forward.

Not to worry though, we keep your images forever! Should you need to view an older image gallery, please contact us for access.

To un-archive a gallery, email us at orders@eps-photo.com with your full name, your dancer’s full name(s), dance studio name & the session date/year to un-archive.

There will be an un-archival fee of $20 per gallery requested to be accessed.

Archiving will begin on January 31, 2023. To avoid the un-archival fee, please place any orders prior to that date.