Recital Guide

May 20th-21st at the Savannah Theatre

SUMMER  year-summer

The Planning Starts…

brainstormIn the heat of the summer (and having barely recovered from last year’s recital) we get right to work on our next year’s show… and every show begins with a great theme. Everything else we do with the recital revolves around it. Our Theme this year is: REACH FOR THE STARS!


FALL year-fall


The Kids (and probably the Parent’s) favorite part of the Recital may just be the costumes. The glittery, shiny, magical, costumes! Well, who can blame them?

Measure Up

tapeFirst things first, we gotta get everybody measured. Since we’re measuring in October for a costume they’ll wear in May, we always allow for growing room.

  • Starts in October

WINTER year-winter

Let the Dancing Begin!

After we have gathered up and carefully edited every piece of music, our amazingly talented team of instructors get to work on creating this year’s recital dances.

Costume Pick-up

Once we let you know your costumes are ready, a parent needs to sign them out (along with a Recital Info Packet) during your regular class time. Take special care of the costumes until the Recital, and then they’re yours to keep and enjoy!

  • Costume Pick-Up starts in March

SPRING  year-spring

Picture Day Fun

Lights! Camera! Action!

Once the costumes are ready, we can take our Recital Pictures! Professional dance photographers EPS will be coming to our studio. 
  • March 20th-26th (pictures only, no regular classes)
  • Group Picture are taken during regular class time
  • Bring all costumes, tights, and shoes
  • Individual Photos are by appointment only


May 20th-21st

It’s Show Time!


To keep each show short and sweet we divide them up into smaller, fun-sized pieces. This year there will be 7 separate shows spread over 2 days.

Log on to your account to see your family’s show time & rehearsal times.

Before the Show

What to Bring

All costume pieces and accessories (put your name on them) All dance shoes (put your name on them, too)

Hair & Make-Up

If there are class-specific hair instructions, it will be on the costume list included with your costumes. Otherwise, hair should be neatly styled away from the face. Stage make-up is appropriate for any gender and age– it helps to define facial features that are washed out by the extremely bright stage lights.

Arriving at the Theatre

The Savannah Theatre does not have a designated parking lot, so please allow ample time to find parking on your show day.

30 minutes prior to Showtime, ONE parent should bring their dancer to the designated drop-off area (the Stage Door on the McDonough side of the building).  That parent will receive a bracelet at drop off.  Go enjoy the show and we will take it from here!

Safety Rules

To ensure every child’s safety, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  • Dancers cannot leave the backstage area or be checked out until AFTER the show has ended.
  • The same parent must drop off and pick up. Only ONE person per dancer.

During the Show

We’re sure you’ll be so entertained you wouldn’t want to move a muscle, but we do want to mention that movement through the auditorium is distracting for the dancers as well as other audience members. If you find it absolutely necessary to leave the auditorium, please do so between numbers only. Use of recording devices is permitted as long as you do not obstruct the view of other audience members (like, for instance, holding a giant iPad over your head.)

After the Show

Congratulations! You did it! Now to get your child: the 1 parent with the bracelet should remain in the auditorium while everyone else exits the theatre. Please be patient as we make sure every child is safely picked-up. And don’t forget to stay in touch online, so we can make sure you know when your pictures and videos are ready!