Safety Plan

for Summer 2020



Stock Supplies

  • Masks for staff (as cute as possible to make them seem less intimidating to children)
  • 3 contact-less thermometers
  • Hand Sanitizer available in every room that does not have a running water & soap
  • Cleaning wipes & spray disinfectant
  • A Dozen Holding Shirts (see below)

Train Staff

  • In proper mask usage: that it must cover both the mouth and the nose and must be worn any time they are closer than 6 feet to anyone else
  • Hands should be washed after using the restroom and after helping a child use the restroom
  • Computer stations are assigned to 1 person per session and will only be used by that 1 person
  • How to identify symptoms of illness in students (symptoms listed below under Arrival)
  • If a student shows symptoms during class, that child will immediately be removed to the empty lobby where they wait to be picked up. Anything in the classroom that student has recently come in contact with will be immediately cleaned. Once the student has left the premises, the isolation area will be cleaned AFTER waiting 24 hours. The student shall not be permitted to attend any class again until they have either had a negative COVID-19 test or have been fever and fever mediation free for seventy-two (72) hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms first appeared;
  • To hold a child’s hand: staff will sanitize their hands before taking the child’s hand, and will sanitize them again afterwards
  • To pickup a child: if a child needs to be held, staff can protect themselves by wearing an over-large button-down, long sleeved shirt (which we will keep a clean supply of on-hand) and by wearing long hair up off the collar in a ponytail or other updo. After holding the child, staff will remove the shirt, and sanitize themselves and the child at each point of contact
  • Supervise young children with sanitizer to prevent them from eating it
  • Manager will be trained to patrol areas to enforce the equipment sanitization policy and conduct additional cleanings during times when equipment is not being used;
  • Manager will clean and sanitize bathrooms and all frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout the opening hours in addition to the regular cleaning schedule. Shared restrooms will be sanitized no less than twice per day;

Post Signage

  • Post signage on entrances to building, stating our hand-washing and social distancing rules; and that no one with fever or other COVID-like symptoms may enter the building

Inform Parents

  • What parents can expect for drop-off/pickup procedures (as outlined below)
  • What kids can expect during class (as outlined below)
  • Check that children are compatible with these more strict rules. If the child is not experienced with being away from their parents or is not experienced with following relatively strict safety rules, the student may not be able to participate in classes (refunds are available in these instances)
  • Receive agreement of cooperation from all parents

Staff Arrival

  • Take temperature upon arrival, then sanitize contact-less thermometer with wipes
  • In case a teacher needs to go home due to symptoms, substitute teachers will be ready to step in and take their place

Student Arrival/Drop-Off

  • Staggered arrival/drop off times: we will be splitting up classes into different groups with different arrival/departure times
  • Parents & Students will wait in their vehicle for a staff member to come to them
  • Staff will check each student for symptom each day: fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell; flushed cheeks, rapid breathing, fatigue, or extreme fussiness
  • Staff will keep this information confidential
  • Unnecessary visitors to classes activities and facilities is not allowed; parents are not allowed into the building

Student Entry

  • Staff will escort dancers from vehicle, entering using the exterior side doors, directly into the classroom
  • Sanitize student’s hands as they enter the building
  • Students are led directly to their designated spot in the classroom

Classroom Activities

  • Limit class sizes and maintain social distancing
  • Keep kids in same, consistent groups with same teacher in the same room
  • Reading: Children’s books, like other paper-based materials such as mail or envelopes, are not considered a high risk for transmission and do not need additional cleaning or disinfection procedures.
  • To provide for better ventilation: open outside doors when weather permits, using a baby gate to make sure kids aren’t tempted to run outside
  • If a student repeatedly breaks the social distancing rules by leaving their designated area, touches other people or equipment or otherwise makes it impossible for staff to keep a safe classroom, that student will not be able to continue participation in the classes
  • Activities that will not be included because they break social distance: changing shoes, circle time, snack time, crafts, dances that require breaking social distance, parent show at end of week (there will be a recorded video presentation instead)


End of Class/Pick-Up

  • Students will be taken one at a time back to their parent’s vehicle using sanitized hand-holding procedures

Post Class Cleanup

  • Between each session, clean frequently used items and surfaces: door knobs, computers, restrooms, floors