Company Dancers

Life as a dancer starts here.

Let us work with your kids and we will strive to produce:

  • Technically great dancers.
  • Artistically great dancers.
  • Competitively great dancers.
  • Dancers who know how to entertain.
  • Dancers who know how to work as a team.
  • Dancers who understand commitment, hard work, and the rewards they can bring.

Now just replace the word “dancers” with “people” in everything written above, and you’ll see the lifelong value that we can offer you.

The Main Events

We make sure Company Dancers never run out of opportunities to improve themselves– in the classroom and on the stage.

Summer Intensive

World-Class dance instructors brought right here to Savannah.


Travel to great locations and meet dancers from around the country.

Community Shows

Give back to the community– Nursing Homes, Festivals, Farmers Market and more.

Master Classes

Special Guest Teachers brought to you throughout the dance year

Annual Recitals

Company Dancers will be “featured dancers” with additional stage time and responsibilities.

Company Showcase

A collection of pieces from throughout the season and a few special designed just for Showcase.  Always a favorite!

Two Groups. One team.

There are two different groups (ensembles) within the Gretchen Greene Dancers, offering a choice of commitment and costs. If you’re auditioning for the company program, take a moment to decide which one fits you best.

What’s Involved?

Performance Ensemble

  • 1 Week Mandatory Boot Camp (Aug 16-20)
  • Occasional Saturday Rehearsal
  • Community Shows
  • Company Showcase
  • Special Performance in Recital

Competitive Ensemble

  • Mandatory Summer Intensive (July 21-30)
  • Regular Saturday Rehearsals
  • 3-4 Dance Conventions & Competitions
  • Community Shows
  • Company Showcase
  • Special Performance in Recital
  • Nationals every other Summer

Any additional costs?

Performance Ensemble

  • Dancers will be required to have a company jacket

Competitive Ensemble

  • Competition Choreography & Costume fees are due in July.
  • Convention & Competition Entry fees are due in January.
  • The above fees vary based on the number of Competition pieces each dancer is in.
  • All dancers are required to have a company jacket.

What are the requirements?

Performance Ensemble

  • Rising 1st-12th Graders can audition
  • At least 1 year of dance training
  • Good Attitude and a Love for Dance

Competitive Ensemble

  • Must be at least 7 years old to audition
  • At least 3 years of dance training
  • Technically proficient in Ballet, Tap & Jazz



Monday May 17, 2021

  • 4:00-6:00 – Rising 6th-8th graders
  • 6:00-8:30 – Rising 9th-12th graders

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

  • 4:00-5:00 – Rising 1st-2nd graders
  • 5:00-6:30 – Rising 3rd-5th graders


Although we would love to take every single student in the program, unfortunately we must limit the size of the group to make sure we can guarantee the quality you deserve.

There are many, many factors that go into the decision-making process. The requirements are just the start.

Our entire faculty will be on hand for the audition process. You must respect their final decision regarding auditions.

Factors include but are not limited to: 

  • attendance 
  • behavior 
  • parental support 
  • learning dances quickly 
  • rhythm 
  • stage presence and emotion 

On Time. Every time.

ClockPunctuality counts. Dancers should arrive a few minutes early to fill out audition forms and do some stretching.

The Right Tools

ToolsDancers should always bring all their dance shoes to an audition (at the very least, Ballet, Tap and Jazz shoes.)

Which is Which?

HelpPerformance or Competitive? Please know which you are interested in prior to arriving.

Dress to Impress

leotard1Girls should wear Black Leotard and Pink Tights with hair in bun. Boys should wear White T-shirt and black shorts.