Please Note: Tuition is based on 35 Lessons per year (Holiday Parties, Picture Week, and Recital Rehearsals all count as one lesson). The monthly tuition plan divides these lessons into even payments (i.e., you are not paying for the number of lessons per month, but for number of lessons per year.)



Aug. 31st

Classes begin

Sept. 7

Labor Day – No Classes

Sept. 26 @ 6pm

Company Show @ Lucas Theatre

Nov. 24-28

Thanksgiving – No Classes

Dec 14-18

Party Schedule

Dec 19 – Jan 2

No Classes



March 14-19

Spring Break – No Classes

March 21

Announce 2016-2017 Schedule

March 26

Dance-A-Thon (10am-1pm)

March 28

Online Registration opens for 2016-2017 Season

April 11-16

Picture Week (make a reservation for individual photos)

May 19-20 (Thurs. – Fri.)

Rehearsals @ Lucas Theatre

May 21 (Sat.)

Recitals @ Lucas Theatre